Ergonomic Pro Standing Desk - Zeal Desk Pro 36 ZD-LD07 (Black)

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If you're here you're most likely searching for the perfect desk to help you be more productive, minimize health risks and save time and money.

It is no surprise that lower chronic back pain has the highest risk among people working long hours on a regular office desk.

Luckily, ZealDesk has the solution for YOU.

ZealDesk’s Pro 36 is made for people looking for the perfect organized and ergonomic sit & stand work station.

Here is how the Pro 36 helps you:

  • Ergonomic Dual-Tier Design – Pro’s 36 dual-tier mode makes the workstation fully adjustable, letting you place your monitor, keyboard and mouse on different decks for streamlined functionality without bending your back.
  • Easy Sit-Stand Positions – This ultra-ergonomic desk includes a lever on the table sides that helps customizing the height as per your comfort. No need to stretch your shoulders.
  • Large Work Space – Stay focused and keep your workstation organized thanks to its spacious work area. The top surface measuring 32.7” x 23.2” helps setup single or dual monitor, or laptop + monitor effortlessly. There is even a place to place your smartphone or tablet to keep everything neat and organized.
  • Fully customizable – Detachable trays help you customize and manage your work area efficiently while the cable ties help you organize the cables neatly. Put the top platform at the lowest 6” from the desk’s surface, or 19” at the maximum when extended to provide you the comfort you need. The desk has a weight capacity of up to 51 lbs. 

  • Easy Installation – With few parts and clear assembly instructions, you can set this up in just a few seconds without feeling frustrated.

Join the new generation of modern workers with ZealDesk and add Zeal Desk’s Pro 36 to your cart today!